report 20 – Mission and Discipleship Council

As a member of the Mission and Discipleship council I have debated and discussed this report in council. As I believe in Corporate Responsibility for reports like this, I will not be discussing it here. (Although if you buy me a drink at some point...)


Report 19 – Committee on Chaplains to HM Forces

Number of deliverances - 6 Length of report - 11 pages whats the report about? The Church of Scotland provides chaplaincy on both a full time and on a reserve basis to HM Forces. The chaplains provide support and a chaplaincy presence with the Forces as they work. whats the key point of the report? …

report 14 – Joint Report of the Church of Scotland Guild and the National Youth Assembly

Number of deliverances - 5 Length of report - 6 pages whats the report about? The Guild and the National Youth Assembly have been seeking a way to work together, one way was to try and consider how the idea of intergenerational ministry may work for the Church of Scotland. whats the key point of …