Report 28 – Church of Scotland Investors Trust

Number of deliverances – 3
Length of report – 3 pages

whats the report about?
The Investors Trust invests the money of the Church of Scotland on behalf of the Church of Scotland.

whats the key point of the report?

Thoughts on the report.
1.5 – The issue of oil companies has led to a working group and a larger review of the investment trusts on “ethical, social and governance grounds” but not theological grounds?

2.2 – We got a 14% return against a benchmark of 19%. that doesn’t sound like it is performing well enough.

2.3 – 9.10% against a benchmark of 10.39% sound much better.

Thought on deliverances.
1 – Yes
2 – Yes
3 – Yes

Questions or amendments or suggested new deliverances.
Acknowledging that the funds are actively managed, can the convenor let assembly know the tracking error figure for both the funds and how this figure has helped the Trust evaluate the management of the funds?

How much income does the church need?

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 22.12.28.png


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