Report 25 – Church Hymnary Trustees

Number of deliverances – 1
Length of report – 2pages

whats the report about?
The trustees look after the Church Hymnary

whats the key point of the report?
We have sold some of the hymn books this year. in some categories more than last year, in others, less

Thoughts on the report.
1 – They have sold more hymnbooks than I suspected they would at this point in the Hymn books life, (It is old enough most churches who were going to switch would have switched already, and the books are new enough that replacements are not needed at this stage.)

3 – Yip, the app only works if you have the full rights for everything, which the church does not have.

Thought on deliverances.
1 – Yes

Questions or amendments or suggested new deliverances.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 19.04.32.png


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