report 24 – Trustees of the Church of Scotland Housing and Loan Fund for retired ministers, and widows and widowers of ministers.

Number of deliverances – 2
Length of report – 8 pages

whats the report about?
The Fund exists to support retired Church of Scotland ministers, and widows, widowers, separated or divorced spouses and separated or former civil partners of Church of Scotland ministers, in need of help with housing.

whats the key point of the report?
we continue to provide high quality support through rent control and loans to retired ministers or their partners.

Thoughts on the report.
3.2 – that is a good decision.

6.1 – making a £2.2million profit on property is not a bad return.

6.2 – Fund assets of £11.2 million. that seems high?

7.1 – Hold on, we publish the names of those who have made preliminary applications to the fund in the blue book? seriously? that is crazy, why would that even be a thing?

Appendix 4
– Phew, deep intake of breath, it is actually just the number of preliminary application not the individuals names that is listed.

Thought on deliverances.
1 – Yes
2 – Yes

Questions or amendments or suggested new deliverances.
This is a good thing for the church to do with its money.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 14.45.35.png


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