report 11 – Panel of Review and Reform

Number of deliverances – 5
Length of report – 15 pages

whats the report about?
Panel of review and reform is the place for the dreamers & visionaries, people who see what the church can and should be and help plan ways for the church to do being this work.

whats the key point of the report?

Thoughts on the report.
section one
1.1.1 – Change. It is evocative and necessity for the Church of Scotland.

1.4.1 – surely “a. Working in partnership with others to meet social needs and to bring about change so that justice prevails.” happens because of “c. Encouraging all to become fully formed disciples of Jesus Christ.”

1.4.2 – work on the weakest strand brings us to a position of lots of mediocre churches, why not in the spirit of partnership encourage working together to bring different talents rather than assuming one church can achieve all in a parish?

Section 4
4.7 – Doug’s CLM’s, yes

section 5.5
when you have a major report that divides up different ministries, and make the claim that shifting from one category to the other will require specific training, when one category is stipend and the other voluntary,(ministries report 2016), I am not not sure you can say point to “hints of a hierarchy of ministries” with a surprised tone, no matter what previous GA reports may say to the contrary.

Section 7 – younger people in leadership
7.1 – good for Mark that the model he has developed has been looked at.

7.4 – next generation leadership
clumsy what is next generation ministry? the strength of Inter generational ministry is it allows us to recognise this is not next generation stuff, but stuff of the now. (N.B. while Inter Generational Ministry is more appropriate to the task suggested by the panel, it is an internal form of ordering the church and not sufficient to recognise the breadth of work the church does or should do with young people.)

Thought on deliverances.

1 – yes
2 – yes
3 – yes
4 – yes
5 – yes

Questions or amendments or suggested new deliverances.
While the work of OLMs is vital, but the boost space of opportunity is chaplaincy, this falls under the work of diaconate. How is the diaconate being planned for in order to take advantage of chaplaincy opportunities?

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.28.31.png


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