Report 10 – Social Care Council

Number of deliverances – 10
Length of report –26 pages

whats the report about?
The social care council have responsibility for managing and overseeing the Church of Scotland’s formal work in the Social Care sector. This work is with older people; people with dementia; children and families; people with learning disabilities; people who are homeless; people with substance misuse problems; people who require counselling and support; people involved with the criminal justice service; and, people with mental health problems.

whats the key point of the report?
We need more money to do what we do and provide things like the scottish Living wage to all workers (£8.25ph as opposed to the £7.50 UK living wage provision).
Also our pensions liability is £1.025million per year. Despite this we are and will continue, by strategically planning and finding efficiencies, providing a high quality service.

Thoughts on the report.
section one
1.2 – Growing demand for service.

1.3 – Need to make the service sustainable.
(isn’t the point of extravagant grace and care for the neighbour that it is unsustainable?)

1.4 – Break even budget and efficiencies. (There is an inability to pay the Scottish living wage to all workers.)

1.13 – Due to funding and legislative changes the current approaches to providing care are not sustainable.

section 2 – Service pensions liability of £1.025million per year. – All employees paid at least UK living age figure (£7.50), while direct contract support and care staff paid the Scottish living wage (£8.25) due to specific Scottish Gov funding.
Differentials between pay levels – if you pay more at a basic wage level, then higher paid workers also need a wage bump unto middle management level.
The Social Care Council is committed to paying the Scottish living wage (£8.25) but without the resources to pay it to all.
The issue of this is GA2017 want the Social Care Council to pay the Scottish living wage, but the CofS budgets seem not give the resources to the council to achieve this. mission and ministries contributions as >2% of total corssreach budget.

section 3 – moving from large campuses with special schools to smaller homely environments is a good thing for young people.

Thought on deliverances.
1 – yes
2 – yes
3 – yes
4 – yes
5 – yes (perhaps question around the use of a borrowing facility?)
6 – yes
7 – yes
8 – yes – increased funding for rural work of the church has to be a priority.
9 – yes
10 – yes

Questions or amendments or suggested new deliverances.
I think the report gives evidence and support to a deliverance on the ministries council report. The deliverance would ask the Ministries Council and Mission and Discipleship to explore moving the Rural Working Group to ministries council in recognition of the specific financial and structural issues of rural ministry and mission.

Also a question asking the budget committees how things like the pension liability of this council or the desire of GA2016 that this council should pay employees the Scottish living wage has been factored into the budget that we will be asked to approve. (If it hasn’t a deliverance should then follow.)

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