Report 9 – Embracing peace and working for justice: A joint report of the World Mission Council and Church and Society council on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.

Number of deliverances – 12
Length of report – 21 pages

whats the report about?
The Balfour Declaration gave the Uk governments intentions o establish the nation of Israel within Palestine. it was given in 1917, This report wonders how the church of Scotland should make this centenary with he benefit of 100 years of development within this situation.

whats the key point of the report?
How do we make this while hearing the voices of christians in the area. How can we in Scotland contribute to a lasting and just peace within this area that physically is far away.

Thoughts on the report.
1.3 – I like the attempt to give perspective while conscious of no being able to reflect all viewpoints. Question has to be how can we do something that helps contribute towards a just peace.

section 6 – Theology for a just peace.
6.1 – The history biblical interpretation and colonial romanticism contributed to restorationalism.

6.17 – The equation of old testament prophecy with modern state is dangerous.

6.19 – “All people have a right to exist and are made in the image of God. Where our theologies diminish this right, the Church has a responsibility to question itself as it seeks to understand Scripture more fully in a way that offers life in all its fullness.” Yes.

section 8 – Action for a just peace.
8.4 – CofS supports a 2 state solution, but ongoing illegal settlement expansion makes this outcome hard.

8.8 – Use our economic leverage to promote peace.

Section 9 – Marking the Balfour Centenary.
9.4 – Press government and international community for peace, and engage in grassroots and community actitivites that work to bring peace and justice.

9.5 – Theological engagement – zionism vs a theology where all are valuable human persons to God.

9.6 – Strengthen links with local projects.

9.7 – Encourage non-violence.

9.9 – Engage in dialogue with Scotlands Jewish community, encouraging understanding and trust.

9.10 – challenge anti semitism and anti-Muslim prejudice while standing in solidarity with Palestinian Christians.

Thought on deliverances.
1 – yes
2 – yes
3 – yes
4 – yes
5 – yes
6 – yes
7 – yes
8 – yes this is the way forward.
9 – yes
10 – yes
11 – yes
12 – yes

Questions or amendments or suggested new deliverances.
New 8 and renumber – Instruct the World Mission Council to favour cultural exchange trips over work exchange trips (i.e. building a school) when considering funding applications from applicants in normal situations.

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